DDR5 SD RAM Expected in 2019 but the Figures are Hardly Impressive

Double Data Rate 5 Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory, officially abbreviated as DDR5 SDRAM. DDR5 is planned to reduce power consumption once again while doubling bandwidth and capacity relative to DDR4-SDRAM. the standard is still being finalized by JEDEC; however, some companies are planning to bring the first products to market by the end of 2019..

SK Hynix and Samsung presented their goals for DDR5 memory at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference. Both companies plan to release DDR5 products by the end of 2019, with SK Hynix focusing on desktops and Samsung on mobile devices.

SK Hynix is presentation centered on a 16Gb DDR5 SDRAM module that, according to the company, operates at 1.1V while offering up to 6.4Gbps of throughput for each pin. The module is said to be made with a 1y-nm process and measures just 76.22 square millimeters.

The company’s presentation was said to offer more technical information than Samsung’s. The latter reportedly made some claims about LPDDR5 SDRAM meant for use in laptops, tablets, and smartphones without actually explaining how the module is made.

SK Hynix reportedly predicted that DDR5 sales would make up 25 percent of the memory market by 2021 and 44 percent by 2022. We suspect it will become even more popular in the mobile market, too, as companies search for ways to combat flagging phone sales.

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