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Google Pixel-3a, A budget £399 phone in a premium market

The Pixel 3a is built around keeping users on Google’s services such as Google Search, Gmail, YouTube, and Google Maps.

Google has announced its new budget phone, the Pixel 3a – which at £399 is aimed at consumers turned off by more expensive devices.

The Pixel 3a measures 5.6in corner-to-corner, while the 6in Pixel 3a XL will set consumers back £469

A 12MP rear camera is complemented by Googles HDR+ software which aims to automatically improve the image quality of smartphone pictures, rather than the expensive hardware in its rivals’ premium devices.

The mid-market display and the relatively limited 4GB RAM suggest the phone is potentially aimed at teenagers keen for an Instagram device but not so interested in gaming or any intensive computing.

Both of the 3a phones come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 processing chip, a cheaper bit of kit, but one which the company expects will do the job for budget consumers.

In another definite bonus for those who aren’t buying a phone alongside a range of peripherals, the Pixel 3a devices keep the 3.5mm headphone hack which Apple was so maligned for ditching

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